About us

Who We Are

A growing team of culturally diverse, creative thinkers and leaders undertaking roles of technologists, analysts and customer success representatives. We work from our homes and offices in USA and India. Although we are not all in one place, we are all part of one Exxat family and we think that making the best allied health education management softwares is pretty fantastic.

What We Do

We work as a team to build and support ecosystem of products to support allied health education. But our real goal is to create a dynamic community of users around our products. To this end, we create efficient, time-saving products; provide amazing customer support and share best practices among our users.

How We Do It

We listen!
Our clients tell us what they need and we create configurable solutions for them. We encourage user feedback to ensure we continue to enhance our products by adding relevant features and functionalities. Our highly competent customer support team provides timely technical support to our users to ensure better usability of our products.

We Are Here To Serve You

We are a growing team of programmers, writers, and business people from diverse backgrounds. We work from our homes and offices in the US and India. Although we’re not all in one place, we’re all part of one team. And we think that making the best clinical management software around is pretty fantastic.