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Cohere X Workshops

Learn, connect and create solutions
at regional small group trainings.

Upcoming Cohere X Workshops

While we can’t be together in person, we don’t want to leave you without
the review you need! Over the course of 2021, we are introducing the Monthly Refresh,
a domain-specific series offered in 3 monthly installments providing a holistic
overview and refresh on STEPS for Clinical Education.

Part 1

  • System Configuration

  • Students

  • Sites

Part 2

  • Session Setup

  • Slots

  • Slot Request

  • Placements

Part 3

  • Assignments & Activities

  • Thanking Instructors

  • Reporting

Example Topics for Cohere X

Let us know what topics you'd like to see!

Why Cohere X is worth the trip!

Get up to speed with Exxat and get a quicker return on your program’s investment.

Enjoy lots of face time with the Exxat Team.

Network with other clinical education professionals.

Learn best practices directly from other users.

New ideas start at Cohere!