Location: USA (East coast preferred)

Position/ Role: Business Analyst      

Designation: Business Analyst



 Job Purpose/ Accountability: (Briefly explain the purpose of the job, why this position exists)

A Business analyst role ensures that solutions offered by Exxat’s products meet business needs and requirements. A Business Analyst researches, analyzes, and gathers the requirements and works with various project team members in designing and executing/implementing the requirements. Business Analyst provides consulting inputs for the workflow of software products and also performs user acceptance tests, develops test cases, and conducts Business requirement validation of the Product.

What we want you to bring?

You bring your experience in collecting requirements, writing detailed functional and test specifications, coordinating efforts to scope, schedule, and prioritize new features sets. You are a strong communicator in both verbal and written forms and are equally adept in communicating upwards and downwards. Ability to clearly communicate specifications to cross-functional technical and business teams. You are not overwhelmed with ambiguity and thrive on setting up processes ground up. You are data-driven and comfortable with big data in a spreadsheet that you need to slice and dice and pivot to drive a decision. You are creative and comfortable with UI/UX heavy products. You are adept at translating technology into a simple language that health professionals can understand.

Most importantly, you are willing to roll up your sleeves, put your head down and learn on a continual basis.

In This Role You Would Be Required To

  1. Perform extensive research of product requirements for all domains catered to by Exxat.
  2. Research competitors and domains and be the voice of customers
  3. Influence small features and component deliverables/trade-offs. Influence sales, clients, support, and engineering team priorities.
  4. Contribute to the feature roadmap. Work with customers and the US product team to define/clarify product features and roadmap priority.
  5. Understand technologies within the product area and articulate technological requirements. Identify risks early on and ask the right technical questions.
  6. Impact client/customer experience, feature usability, success metrics (e.g., customer delight, efficiency, sales, ROI), and product-level business goals
  7. Drive feature discussions with clients, product, and support teams. Produce clear, concise documents (e.g., functional, technical specifications).
  8. Connect engineering teams to end-user/customer experience. Report progress to partner teams and stakeholders.

 Major Deliverables: (Explain the key responsibilities of the position)

  1. Performing requirements analysis for
    1. evaluating business processes,
    2. anticipating requirements,
    3. uncovering areas for improvement
    4. developing and implementing solutions.
  2. Conduct product knowledge training and clinical presentations for team/clients.
  3. Serving as a liaison between stakeholders and users.
  4. Monitoring deliverables and ensuring timely completion of projects.
  5. Performing user acceptance testing.
  6. Updating, implementing, and maintaining procedures.
  7. Staying up-to-date on the latest process and IT advancements to automate and modernize systems
  8. Utilizing and validating the applications as an end-user by performing post-processing.
    1. Analyze, create use cases, and test the end customer inputs/feedback.
    2. Pre/Post-processing of workflows.
    3. Consultation/testing on Reporting applications.
    4. Create, own, document, and test high-quality clinical test/use case.
    5. Provide inputs and consultation for business flows test activities.
    6. Domain expert, delivering weekly and monthly business flow scenarios and present them to clients.
    7. Preparing test documents based on functional specifications.
    8. Test cases Design and Execution.
    9. System testing, Functionality testing, and Performance testing.
    10. Working closely with Project manager / SCRUM Master / Delivery Lead and involving in document review meetings.
  9. Conduct Technical/Testing:
    1. Test cycle activities in the Software Development Life Cycle using Agile.
    2. Verification & Validation of Products


Reports to: Director of product innovation


 Educational Qualification/ Training –

  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or Design
  • Experience in data collection (SQL) and data analysis
  • Experience in healthcare or sciences is not required but preferred.

Experience –. (Describe the type of experience)

  • 5+ or more years of Product consulting and/or support experience
  • Should possess at least 3/more of the below:
    • application / Business / Functional areas experience (Development / Implementation / Application Maintenance Support)

Essential Attributes (Experience / Exposure characteristics): (The most desirable experience/ attributes)

  • Product Engineering experience
  • (Agile) Requirements Engineering
  • (Agile) Project Management

Functional / Technical Competencies:

  • Domain knowledge of the following is not required but preferred:
    • Professional health programs in USA (Nursing, Physical therapy, Occupational therapy, Physician’s assistant, Pharmacy, Medicine, any other allied health programs, etc.)
    • Understanding of structure and operations of a health program (Curriculum, assessment, clinical placements, accreditation, student compliance)
  • Proven analytical thinking, skills in metrics creation and project management, attention to details, and exceptional organizational skills

Behavioral Competencies:

  • Strong customer relation skills with the ability to establish and build client rapport.
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Communication skills
  • Analytical thinking