Dear PLAN users,

We understand that most programs had to adapt their curriculum sequence, content, and delivery due to COVID19 impacts this year. While we cannot change the course of COVID19, we can certainly help decrease your stress by helping you track, document, and report these changes, so that when your program is up for accreditation or it is time to submit your annual report to the council, a summary of these changes is only a few clicks away. Here are some ways that we recommend you track these changes using PLAN, EXXAT’s Curriculum Management tool.

  • Track changes in Curriculum Delivery:Were any of your courses/parts of it taught online due to COVID19? Did you adopt a hybrid model of instruction?
  1. Build the following Attribute bucket:

“Changes in Instruction Delivery

  • Virtual
  • In-class
  • Hybrid
  1. Assign this Attribute to all courses to track which events in the course happened “in-class” and which events were delivered “virtually” to create a map for hybrid content delivery for the 2020 curriculum cycle. If the entire course was delivered online, assign the Attribute to the entire course
  • Availability of sitesfor clinical experiences was significantly affected due to COVID19. Many programs are now expected to provide alternate learning experiences for students who were not able to get traditional clinical experiences at sites. These alternate experiences can either be an alternate safer site or may include activities and tasks such as a simulation, video, or paper cases for students to practice and prepare in that skill.
  1. For “Alternate Clinical Experiences” at safer sites:

Create an Attribute bucket by the name of “Alternate Clinical Learning Experiences”. List all the alternate learning experiences under this bucket (ex. Telemedicine). Now assign these alternate experiences to the original clinical experiences that have been replaced. You now have a curriculum map that specifically shows how the program replaced regular clinical experiences with these in the curriculum.

  1. For new Activities and Tasks:

Create a new course measure “Alternate Activity/Tasks” inside the affected course. Add the types of simulations, videos, cases offered for students to practice the skill. Now map this course measure to the competencies (standards) that they aim to cover. Mapping alternate activities (as a course component/event) to the competencies (standards) helps the school demonstrate that they have modified the curriculum to provide substitute learning opportunities in that area/skill set.

We hope that these tools can help you with your COVID19 journey. If you need help with any of the above, do not hesitate to contact your PLAN CSR today.