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Simplifying Education Management

Health science education is a rapidly evolving domain and it can be quite challenging to keep up
with all the constant changes. This is exactly why dynamic software tools play an instrumental role
in helping academicians to be organized and efficient. This is where Exxat comes in!

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The Exxat Advantage

Let Exxat’s expertise guide you to success!
Our products are constantly refined to meet industry standards
and address individual program’s unique needs.





From placement availability, site
details, and accreditation reports to
required documents, patient logs,
and evaluations, keep all of your clinical
education details organized and
analyzable with STEPS.

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Exxat STEPS Screenshot - Optimize Clinical Placement Management
Exxat APPROVE Screenshot - Compliance Document Review and Management

Forget the stress of collecting
required clearance documents. Let
Exxat’s team of medical professionals
review them and communicate with
your students with our
APPROVE service.

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Make sure all the moving pieces of
your curriculum stay on track. Mapping
and analyzing where your learning
objectives fit in is just the beginning
with our curriculum management
system — PLAN.

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Exxat PLAN Screenshot Showing Curriculum Mapping. A Comprehensive Approach to Curriculum Management
Exxat CCS Screenshot - Common Contract Tracking and Sharing System

Stay on top of contract negotiations
and share fully executed documents
with multiple academic programs
using our Common Contract
Sharing system – CCS.

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