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A Coordinated
Take on Contract

CCS Overview (0:50)

Contract Tracking and Sharing

Many programs within an academic institution can be covered by a single affiliation agreement for clinical education. Staying on top of contract statuses and renewals when so many programs are involved is a complicated task.

Make it less complicated with Exxat CCS (Common Contract Sharing). Track each step of the contract development and negotiation process through to full execution, upload documents along the way, get automated reminders when renewals are coming up and, best of all, seamlessly share the details with needed stakeholders campus-wide.

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Exxat CCS
is designed to track
and manage a contract
from development to
full execution and share
details with programs across the academic

Track contract
negotiation from
start to finish.

How CCS works (0:50)
Graphic Image of Collaboration. Exxat CCS - Contract Tracking and Sharing - Health Science Education Management

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