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Physical Therapy
Field Evaluations

Make student evaluations
quick and simple for Physical Therapy (PT)
Programs with Exxat and CIET integration.

Clinical Internship Evaluation Tool (CIET)
Functionality for Physical Therapy (PT):

Exxat & CIET:

CIET is a peer-reviewed and validated assessment tool that was developed by
the University of Pittsburgh to evaluate PT students during their clinical experiences.

Exxat Prism now fully integrates with CIET and it is also offered as a standalone tool.

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CIET Features:

Want to learn more about CIET and Exxat?
Watch this webinar recording conducted by six Exxat clients.
It provides a comprehensive overview and adoption considerations
for CIET within Exxat Prism.

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Students are compared to an effective and efficient clinician
in the clinical setting based on their placement:

The CIET integration is now available through Exxat, providing you with:

For specific questions regarding CIET, contact
Mark Malacarne

For questions related to Exxat, contact
Kunal Vaishnav