Hear from our CEO how great companies are built not launched

Laying the foundations of a successful company isn’t an overnight task. It takes years of undivided dedication and the heart to put all your soul into it. Aarti Vaishnav, co-founder and CEO of the Exxat LLC, and a cherished alumina of GCET built her own empire, piece by piece, defying odds and embracing evens.

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Exxat Education Management Software for Allied Health Sciences on various devices
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Optimize Clinical Education management

Many systems can manage bits and pieces of your data. Some can even manage big chunks of data. Exxat’s STEPS provides you with tools to manage all of your data all in one place. We believe each piece of data need only be collected once. Our seamlessly integrated database collects and manages everything from placement availability, site details, and accreditation reports to required documents, patient logs, and evaluations.

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Exxat APPROVE is a complaint management service to efficiently manage your students.

Track and manage student compliance

Every year you have hundreds of required documents that you need to review before clinical start date, from immunizations to physical exams to background checks. This can be very time consuming, especially when you have bigger things to worry about like making sure all your students are placed. Exxat APPROVE is a service that will save you time and rid you of stress. Our team of registered nurses will efficiently manage your students and review and approve all those documents for you to make sure your students are cleared by clinical start date.

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Exxat PLAN is a tool for curriculum management to map course objectives to every standard or requirement.
Exxat PLAN is a tool for curriculum management to map your course objectives to each and every standard or requirement.

Plan, map & track curriculum and didactic outcomes

Meeting accreditation standards can be difficult. With tons of different courses, curriculums, faculty, and standards, it is a pain to prove how your program is meeting all the standards. Exxat PLAN is a tool for curriculum management where you can easily map your course objectives to each and every standard or requirement.

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Exxat Common Contract Sharing Program for managing contract agreements from start to finish across multiple departments and systems.

Manage contracts throughout the lifecycle

Many programs share sites but use different software systems to manage their data. Common Contract Sharing creates a single repository for contract agreements where you can effortlessly manage contracts from start to finish across multiple departments and systems.

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Exxat Education Management Software for common contract agreements

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“The use of Exxat has been HUGE for our clinical education program. It has made a monumental difference in organization of data, efficiency of storing and sharing data, and makes communication with clinical sites and CI much more streamline. I don’t know how we did it without Exxat!!!”

Susan Kushner, Slippery Rock University

“Implementing Exxat has led to a huge increase in efficiency and communication for our Clinical Team. Sending placement notifications to preceptors used to take 15-20 minutes per placement. Multiply that by 130 students and that is a lot of time! Now it only takes a few clicks to send them all! This frees the staff up to do other important tasks”

Erik Steen, MEDEX

“Exxat has allowed us to successfully manage our Clinical Year expansion. We can easily track students, their projects, preceptor evaluations all online. Highly recommended. Exxat = Game Changer!“

Dalerie Lieberz, College of St. Scholastica
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