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Streamline the Collection,
Review and Approval of
Student Documents

APPROVE Overview (1:49)

Compliance Document Review

Collecting flu shots, annual physicals, proof of training, background checks and other required documents is an ongoing and time-consuming process that requires constant communication.

Let Exxat’s APPROVE service handle it for you. Our team of medical professionals will meet with you to understand your guidelines and take it from there. We will set up the system, collect and review the documents, communicate directly with the students and handle the approvals, all while you relax with full visibility into everyone’s progress.

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enables you to track,
manage, and approve
student compliance

The go-to solution
for Compliance
Document Review

How APPROVE works (1.49)
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The Exxat Advantage

Let Exxat’s expertise guide you to success!
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APPROVE made the complicated process of
organizing, gathering, and improving the clinical
requirements manageable and efficient.”

Dr. Lynn Fitzgerald, PT, DPT, MED
Director of Clinical Education,
University of Pittsburgh Doctor of Physical Therapy Program

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