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As a School, with Exxat One you can:

Explore and find the right experiential learning opportunities for your students

Request a specific number of slots from sites and place your students efficiently

Recommend learning opportunities and internships for your students

Easily track and manage all your requests across cohorts and sites

Collaborate effectively with site contacts via in-app real-time messages

Stay up-to-date with site contact changes and location updates

Collaborate seamlessly with your site partners, unlock new efficiencies
and insights, and help your students gain exposure by pursuing the
right opportunities to graduate on time.

As a Student, with Exxat One you can:

Explore, find, and apply to the right experiential learning opportunities

Easily view your school's recommendations for opportunities

Get onboarded with the site and start your experiential learning engagement

Collaborate effectively with site contacts via in-app real-time messages

Easily access newly posted experiential opportunities across geographic
locations, effectively collaborate with schools and sites, and get started with
your next learning opportunity.

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Institutions, Programs, and Clinical Sites.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Access to Exxat One

How do I access Exxat One?

If you are currently an Exxat Prism user, no action is needed. You will see a tile for Exxat One on your Exxat Prism dashboard in late February.

If you are not an Exxat Prism user, you will need to register using this link: Your access will be granted in late February, as well.

Student Payment

My program uses Exxat Prism.
Do my students still have to pay $40 fee?

Yes, for a one-time fee of $40, students will be able to use the platform and complete site onboarding / site-specific compliance requirements for all placements on Exxat One. Schools and clinics pay upfront, however, students pay only after first confirmed placement on Exxat One.

Can the school cover the $40 charge for students, or do the students have to pay themselves?

Schools will be able to cover the charge for students if they wish.

When will payment be required for students?

The one-time student payment will be required after a placement has been confirmed with a site that is on Exxat One. This feature is slated to be available in July 2024.

Do students pay per placement, or is it truly a one-time fee?

This is a one-time fee, no matter how many placements are confirmed for that student on Exxat One.

School Payment

Does the $1000 fee cover all my school’s programs and campuses, or does each program/campus have to pay $1000?

The $1000 fee per university covers all campuses and programs at that institution.

My program currently uses Exxat Prism.
Do we have to pay to use Exxat One?

No. There is no fee for current Exxat Prism clients or any of the programs at an institution where Exxat Prism is currently being utilized.

My program currently pays for Exxat Prism and Exxat Approve. Will our students still have to pay the $40 for Exxat One?

Yes. While your program will not pay to access Exxat One, all students will be required to pay the $40 fee that covers the site onboarding and site-specific compliance requirements review process for all clinical sites on Exxat One.

What if my program cannot afford to utilize Exxat One?

There will be no fees required in 2024; school fees will begin in 2025. By Q4 2024, Exxat will be rolling out a waiver application program for schools in underserved areas, with budget limitations and other extraordinary reasons why they cannot participate in Exxat One. Each application will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and a determination will be made with the possibilities of a reduced or waived fee. Please note, there are no guarantees that the program will meet the requirements for the waiver program. More information will be provided on this before the end of the year.

Site Payment

Is it 1000 per site or per practice location? If you have many locations, is it 1000 per individual location?

It is $1000 per site. In this case, can consider the site in this context to be the overarching company – not each location.


Will Exxat One and Exxat Prism be connected?

Integration between Exxat Prism and Exxat One is planned for Q3/Q4 2024.

Do you only list the site-specific requirements or is there a means for Exxat to verify all documents uploaded by students per site/rotation?

Onboarding requirements are specified by the sites. Exxat will verify the documents uploaded by students, ensuring that they meet the site requirements.

How will the sites take into account all the different dates that each school has for their clinicals?

Schools can enter the start and end dates as part of the slot request on Exxat One.

What if some of our clinical sites do not use Exxat One?

You can continue your process with your other clinical sites without issue. Exxat One is only for sites that choose to use our platform.

How is the onboarding for sites different than Exxat Approve?

Exxat Approve is for school-specific documents. This service will cover site-specific documents and onboarding requirements.

Does each site have a ‘new’ deadline for requests? In other words, how long do the DCEs have to make the requests after March 1?

Sites will continue to have their own deadlines and rules. Exxat is not changing any processes on behalf of sites or schools but rather just providing a platform for all parties to collaborate.

How does Exxat One help combat the issue of First Come, First Served placements?

Exxat One solves this problem by allowing schools (and later students) to search and apply for Clinical Slots on the platform. The sites can see all interested students per location, and after reviewing all the requests, they can make a more informed decision on who should get the slot.

If we use the Approve side of Exxat, will those documents ‘transfer’ to the onboarding process? Or will students upload the same documents a second time?

No, the students must upload documents on Exxat One as the requirements for each site may be different.

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