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Public Health

With the ability to manage everything in one place, Exxat is the go-to education management partner for Public Health programs.

Public Health programs have a lot of information to manage and report on for PHAB accreditation: student documents, contact information for and qualifications of preceptors, metrics on student performance and demographics – the list goes on and so do the spreadsheets! It doesn’t need to be that way. Imagine how easy it would be if you had an all-in-one cloud-based solution specifically designed for Public Health programs to manage all aspects of clinical and didactic education. Imagine Exxat.

How can
Exxat help?

95% Savings in time spent on
administrative tasks when managing your
clinical education through Exxat.

700+ Programs in the
Health Sciences education across the
US use solutions provided by Exxat.

>50% of students received
their first choice
when matched using
Exxat’s “placement assist” algorithm.

360° Public Health Program Management

From curricular mapping to student information and everything in between, Exxat allows you to streamline, store, track and report it all while automating many day-to-day processes.

  • Curriculum Mapping

    • Easily map courses objectives and outcome measures to PHAB Standards, Blooms Taxonomy, program-specific standards, or anything else! Use your maps to identify gaps, misalignments, or redundancies in your curriculum preparing you for your next accreditation self-study or curriculum committee meeting.

  • Practicum Site Management

    • Store all your practicum site information in Exxat to see, at a glance, who can accept a student and when, which contracts are about to expire, where your practicum relationships are across the country. Conduct and log your site visits, know associated preceptors, keep track of practicum site requirements, keep notes and much more.

  • Practicum Site Availability

    • Make practicum site availability requests easier with automated request emails that allow sites to enter their availability directly into your system by simply clicking a link sent directly to them. No spreadsheets, waiting by the fax machine, licking hundreds of envelopes or tracking down hundreds of emails!

  • Powerful Reports

    • With reports on student performance, placement details, preceptors – many specifically designed to pull raw data speaking to PHAB’s practicum education accreditation standards – Exxat has you covered!

  • Student Profiles

    • Capture student demographics and details as well as experience and credentials in a professional, online profile that is easily shared with practicum sites.

  • Student Preferences

    • Share the list of available slots with students and provide them with the tools to research and make informed decisions about their preferences from any web-enabled device. Collect their preferences directly through the system where you can analyze them and use them to make the perfect match between student and site.

  • “My-Request”

    • Let students search through affiliated practicum sites or find new practicum sites and preceptors to submit to the program. Students can upload their resume and other support documents and, after program approval, be placed at the practicum site with a single click.

  • “Placement Assist”

    • Set your own parameters and maximize student preferences by letting Exxat do the work of making the match. Using a computerized algorithm, we make the most statistically advantageous matches for you and allow you to make any needed tweaks or changes before the placements go live.

  • Required Health Documents

    • Securely store and track all student required health documents such as immunization records, physical exams, background checks, drug screenings, and more. Save time by allowing the Exxat team of health professionals review these documents to ensure that they meet your program-specific standards and communicate with the students if they don’t!

  • Preceptor Management

    • Maintain preceptor profiles and stay up to date with board certifications and licensure that may be expiring.

  • Timesheets

    • Use timesheets to track student hours and tag whether a student is having direct patient encounters, experiential learning, or simulations. Preceptors can sign off on all student time logs with ease.

  • Scope of Work Forms and Competencies

    • Track and manage student activities and competencies, then get preceptor evaluations and sign-off using our Scope of Work form.

  • Evaluations and Forms

    • Public Health industry specific evaluations and forms come standard with Exxat and those that are unique to your program can be built out specifically for you. Preceptors and site coordinators complete these forms by clicking a unique link in an auto-generated email. No need to remember a login or password and no more paper required!

  • Saying Thank You

    • Thank your preceptors with customized email messages and CEU certificates sent with the click of a button at the end of a practicum experience.

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