Case Study

Cutting Data Management and Administrative Time By 50%

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Here is how the University of Iowa consolidated its data and cut administrative time in half using Exxat.

The University of Iowa struggled with data management and manual scheduling until it implemented Exxat's integrated software. Exxat helped consolidate its data and significantly cut down its administrative burden.

This switch led to a remarkable 50% reduction in administrative workload. This transition to Exxat's software streamlined operations and generated a 30% decrease in technology costs. With around 40% of the staff actively using Exxat and 30% engaging daily with the Exxat's software, the program managed to effectively handle the evolving health science field's escalating demands and compliance pressures without hiring additional resources.

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When we originally went from three systems to one, we probably cut the administrative time in half."

—Carol Gorney,
Director of Clinical Education University of Iowa

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