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Case Study

Using Exxat to Map NCLEX Blueprint to BSN Curriculum

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With Exxat, Jefferson College of Nursing successfuly met NGN guidelines by mapping the curricula to the 2023 NCLEX-RN Blueprint.

It was challenging to manage data in spreadsheets. In addition, having to determine if the course meets all the new Next Generation NCLEX-RN(NGN) guidelines using spreadsheets made the process time-consuming, prone to errors, and overall it was an ineffectual process. Jefferson College of Nursing partnered with Exxat to move to a robust system that was technologically advanced and met the needs of the courses. Dr. Hannah Smith, Assistant Dean and Assistant Professor at Jefferson College of Nursing spearheaded the initiative and, through Exxat, helped map its curricula to the NCLEX-RN content as outlined in Appendix A of the 2023 NCLEX-RN Blueprint to the last detail. This saved much time and the faculty and the staff could focus on other tasks while accessing real-time curriculum data and analytics for continuous improvement.

With Exxat, the college optimized its curriculum mapping process, achieved NGN alignment, and empowered faculty to make informed decisions.

Download the case study to learn more.

It is invaluable how it turned out, how the results turned out, how the interface looked, and how all the data was graphed.”

—Dr. Hannah Smith,
Assistant Dean and Assistant Professor, Thomas Jefferson University, Jefferson College of Nursing

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