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Case Study

Want to Enhance Competency-Based Learning for Your Nursing Program?

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See how The University of Arizona improved clinical rotation tracking & evaluation process, augmenting nurse anesthesiology residents' satisfaction.

The University of Arizona faced challenges with evaluation integrity and competency-based learning, which affected the success of the nurse anesthesiology residents and administrative staff/professors' productivity.

The university evaluated several options to address these challenges and ultimately chose Exxat due to its ability to track clinical rotations and competency-based learning efficiently and effectively, offer an accurate evaluation process to ensure fairness and consistency and track everything in a single location. The implementation of Exxat was smooth and efficient, and the university has seen several benefits since implementing it, including improved nurse anesthesiology residents' satisfaction, reduced costs, saved time and resources, significantly improved clinical rotation tracking, and reduced workload for program administrators.

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Having everything the nurse anesthesiology program needs in one location allows us to be responsive to our residents and clinical partners as well.”

—Dr. Kristie Hoch,
Associate Clinical Professor and Program Administrator
University of Arizona's DNP-Nurse Anesthesiology Program

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