An opportunity
to make a difference
and explore India


Join the Exxat community on a transformative journey to
India, where we come together, engage in service, and make
a positive impact through the Exxat Cares Trip.


Exxat is proud to support organizations that work to empower underprivileged
communities and make a difference in society. These organizations are an integral
part of the Exxat family, and we are honored that our employees and clients
wholeheartedly contribute to and embrace our initiatives.

The trip is tentatively scheduled for Feb 5th to Feb 12th, 2024.

For this year's Exxat Cares, we will be partnering with the Apalaghar orphanage.
The orphanage, a 2017 Exxat Cares partner, is affiliated with both a hospital and
a mobile health unit that provides on-site care to residents of the surrounding rural
areas on a daily basis. Participants in the trip will have the opportunity to spend
time with the children living at Apalaghar, provide care in the hospital, and
travel to rural villages to render community-based services.

The trip exceeded my expectations.
We were immersed in the culture and exposed
to both the beauty and needs of rural India.
I hope that Exxat Cares and schools will continue
to develop sustainable opportunities for
service learning in India.”

Assistant Chair for the
Doctor of Physical Therapy Program
at the College of St. Scholastica

I wanted to thank you all again for the incredible
experience and opportunity you provided all of us with.
We really did end up getting far more than we gave on
that trip, and I not only found it personally so very
fulfilling but also professionally extremely regenerating.
I feel so fortunate to have participated in the trip.”

Graduate Program
& Clinical Director at

As much as I gave by providing physical therapy
services, the country gave back to me tenfold - the
warm welcomes, hospitality, and sheer gratitude
we received were unparalleled. The Exxat Cares
trip has truly changed the way I look at the
world around me. ”

Director of Clinical Education and Assistant
Professor, Doctor of Physical Therapy Program
at Long Island University


Application Process

The application period for the Exxat Cares Trip 2024 is now closed. The selected participants will be notified through an email.

Selection Process

Our team will carefully review all applications and assess them based on
various criteria, including your essay, qualifications, and commitment to the
Exxat Cares mission.

Preparing for the Trip

Receive a detailed participant guide with travel arrangements, paperwork, vaccinations,
and packing tips. Attend a virtual orientation session with some of the Exxat team to
learn about the itinerary and cultural sensitivities.

Fundraising and Contribution

The financial obligation for those who are selected to participate is a $1000 contribution
to the Exxat Cares initiative. This contribution, along with funding from Exxat, will cover
transportation, as well as room and board expenses for the entirety of the trip.

Travel and Accommodation

Participants will be responsible for obtaining a visa for travel to India, any personal
travel vaccinations and medications recommended by their healthcare providers, and
travel to and from New York City’s JFK airport or New Jersey’s EWR airport to meet
the team for departure.