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Case Study

Solving Operational Challenges in Clinical Education with Exxat

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See how Exxat helped Chatham University with efficient data management and robust reporting.

Chatham University faced challenges in managing clinical education programs while using multiple data management systems with varying capacities and sophistication. This made it difficult to manage student placements and clinical education programs effectively, causing staff and faculty to spend significant time manually organizing data and unable to devote sufficient time to student mentorship. Chatham conducted a full needs assessment to address these issues, evaluated several competing products, and chose Exxat as the best solution based on a user-friendly interface, strong customer support, and robust reporting capabilities. Since implementing Exxat, Chatham University has experienced 30-40% time savings and improved reporting capacity, increased efficiency and productivity, reduced workload and anxiety for staff and faculty, and allowing them to take on additional projects.

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Time-saving, resource-saving, and just being cloud-based makes everything easier!”

—Dr. Ann Williamson,
Associate Professor, DPT Director of Clinical Education, and SHS Data Systems Coordinator at Chatham University's School of Health Sciences

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