Faculty participation is a key element of curriculum mapping. Unfortunately, it’s not easy. In many cases, faculty members keep their eyes on their own courses without fully understanding how their pieces fit into the whole. This combined with the tedious and time-consuming nature of curriculum mapping make encouraging collaboration challenging.

Maximize your chances of success. Look for tools that build in collaboration and make it easier for curriculum teams and departments to work together.

  • Unlimited Logins: Whether you want to invite all faculty members or just the curriculum team, you don’t want to pay extra for additional logins.
  • Defined Roles: Multiple levels of access to accommodate various kinds of participation.
  • Mapping Statuses: Allow input on many levels with tentative and confirmed statuses.
  • Data Import: Don’t waste your precious time uploading data. Get course objectives and standards pre-loaded so you can start mapping immediately.
  • Meaningful Reports: Not everyone loves spreadsheets. Make sure you have text and graphic options for everyone.
  • Training and Support: Ensure your team gets what they need when they need it with a system that includes self-service and full-service support.