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Managing a health sciences education program is no small task.
Collecting and analyzing needed datapoints alone can consume the vast majority of non-teaching hours. This leaves little time for the skilled work of an academician: addressing your scholarly agenda, providing service to your academic institution or profession, serving as a mentor for new faculty members and the clinicians who instruct students in the clinic, and cultivating partnerships with clinical sites.

Imagine if data collection and entry could be automated. Forms that a student or their instructor completed became instantly analyzable. Availability offered by sites as well as any updates to their contact info or requirements were entered directly into your system and easily shared with students when you are ready.

Students received information on their placements including instructions, paperwork and requirements with the click of a button. Instructors were thanked and provided with education unit certificates with a single step. Best of all, all of this was easy to export and interpret for accreditation using reports based on your profession’s standards or requirements. You’ve imagined Exxat and that’s just what we can do for clinical education!

Exxat has a
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With our products for curriculum management, document collection and review and contract tracking added into the mix, you’ll begin to see how Exxat can transform your entire program. By freeing up the time and efforts that faculty previously spent on administrative tasks, faculty can use their expertise as an academician to grow and enrich your program’s mission and vision, to engage in service to academic institution, contribute to the body of evidence in your profession and more.

Exxat has a track record of success supporting over 1000 health science education programs across the US and has done so without losing the personal touch. Through one-on-one relationships, we get to know a program and their individual needs and set up their system accordingly. Setting aside the cookie cutter approach allows us to develop an understanding that goes beyond accreditation standards and industry guidelines. That understanding drives our product to grow and evolve with new releases and features made available to everyone on a regular basis.

It’s not just our product that we are focused on, we are focused on collaboration. Whether collaborating with our clients on data collection for a research study, providing industry best practices to all health sciences academicians, offering scholarship opportunities to students from any health sciences program or serving a community partner for an outreach event, Exxat is more than a company, we are a community and we look forward to welcoming you.

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