• Ensure accurate and consistent review of documents that students upload, based on the guidelines given to us by individual schools. This must be done within 24-48 hours.

• Checking/Reviewing documents, related to health insurance, TB test or chest X-ray, Vaccination, Hepatitis B immunization, Blood Titer or chicken pox vaccination, influenza vaccinations, any other non-medical and site-specific documents etc. uploaded by students, before the start of their program and clinical rotations.

• Must have knowledge and understanding on medical immunizations to be able to approve these documents that are uploaded by students.

• The documents that are uploaded by the students can be medical or non-medical documents. Should be able to review all such documents that are required by school for students to upload.

• Should be able to review the documents in English and send a message to the students with details about the missing information. Must have good computer skills to review the documents online and mark them as approved or disapproved etc.

• Have a clear understanding on what the school requirements are to approve these documents, as student’s clinical rotations, depends on the accuracy of these documents.

• Responsible to send out weekly or monthly reminders to the students, for any pending or disapproved documents. We follow school criteria on sending out notifications.

• Communicate with your team lead on any documents that need special attention.

• Respond to query’s that the student will have for any disapproved documents or any document notes that have been made for a student’s document.

• Ensure that all the documents are reviewed and approved before the due date set by the school.

Preferred Skills:

• Bachelor’s degree in nursing or equivalent is mandatory.
• Good English language skills (verbal and written).
• Must have good knowledge of medicines and nursing or life science terminologies.
• Must have good knowledge and understanding of vaccinations.
• Good computer knowledge is mandatory.
• Willing to work in night shift.