For Clinicians

Everything you need to get started.

So, you’re going to be working with a student whose school uses Exxat. First,
thank you for helping to shape the future of your profession. Second, here’s
what you need to know:

1. Your clinical site coordinator and/or the student you are working with will provide your contact information to the school.

Once the school has that information, they will ensure that you are paired with the student in the school’s system and the rest is seamless!

2. You do not need a login.

We know that clinicians have enough user names and passwords to remember so we’ve made it easy. Everything you need to access can be reached by clicking on a unique, system generated, link that will be sent to you by email.

3. Add and to your address book.

All emails containing the links mentioned above will come from these addresses. Adding them to your contacts will ensure everything reaches your inbox.

4. Steer clear of Internet Explorer.

Exxat works best on Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

5. Help is available.

If you hit any bumps in the road, head over to or reach out to Just let us know the name of the student you are working with and what program they are from and we’re happy to help!