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Unlocking Success in Nurse Anesthesia Education and Reducing Workload by 50%

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Streamline Your Program's Workflow and Elevate Student Success

Marquette University's Nurse Anesthesia program wanted to overhaul its practices from the ground up with technology built at its core. They wanted to eliminate manual scheduling, communicate better with its sites and students, and dig deeper into their data for insights. They were also looking to streamline their processes with a strategic partner, not just a vendor, in this journey.

Join Lisa Thiemann, Clinical Associate Professor and Program Director, as she shares her insights on the crucial role technology plays in simplifying processes, utilizing data for informed decision-making, and aligning with program needs. Uncover the principles of result-driven software that not only brings convenience but also seamlessly adapts to the highest program standards.

In this case study, we delve into Marquette University's experience with Exxat, focusing on the invaluable lessons learned and the transformative impact on their program. We unravel the insights gained and the tangible benefits experienced by the program via our strategic partnership.

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A batch of preceptor reviews and reporting on them would take a full week - almost 40 hours to do it manually, versus in Exxat, we almost have 50% time save. We have not only improved staff efficiency for ensuring compliance but also increased student satisfaction with a credentialing compliance process”

—Lisa Thiemann,
Clinical Associate Professor, Program Director, Nurse Anesthesia, Marquette University, College of Nursing

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