The Long-term Impact of COVID-19 on Health Science Education

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This Exxat-exclusive report delves into the impact of COVID-19 along with its implications for the future and the lessons learned.

The COVID-19 brought unprecedented changes to how we live, work, and learn. It also caused a significant disruption in clinical education. Uncertainty, lack of resources and readiness added to the stress of administrators. Universities worldwide changed their teaching and administration styles almost overnight, with flexibility becoming a necessity.

Exxat, with the support from its clients, conducted primary research to examine how COVID-19 changed clinical education management in the long term.

This report highlights the importance of adaptability, innovation, and leveraging lessons learned in the field and brings forth the experiences of administrators, students, and faculty to help the entire clinical education community.

Over 60 individuals from 44 institutions participated in the survey across different domains to bring this report together.

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This Exxat Insight is created in collaboration with Dr. Ann Williamson.

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