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Overview: Curriculum
Management Module of
Exxat Prism (formerly PLAN)

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Curriculum Management

Mapping your curriculum is tedious but essential to ensuring that you are meeting accreditation needs and program standards. Gathering all of your syllabi and pairing each course objective or measure to the map is something most programs dread.

Curriculum Management Module of Exxat Prism (formerly PLAN) makes it easy – allow our team to upload your syllabi, then easily map it to your profession’s accreditation standards which are built right into the system. Mapping to something else? No need to worry, you can map to just about anything from Blooms Taxonomy to individual programmatic standards, institutional strategic plans and more; it’s all quick to add in.

Once the mapping is done, reports will immediately show what is covered well and identify any misalignments or gaps in your curriculum. You’ll be off and running with your Self Study Report in no time!

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Exxat Prism
enables you to manage
courses and faculty,
and map to programmatic
and accreditation standards.

Plan, map and
analyze all aspects
of the curriculum

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How Exxat Prism’s Curriculum Management Module Works (Formerly PLAN)

Step 1

Create a mapping structure.

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We help you configure a mapping that caters to your programmatic and accreditation goals.

Step 2


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Make connections between your course measures, standards, outcomes and goals. Assign attributes to your mapping.

Step 3

Generate reports.

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Make sense of your curricular map with views and graphics. Get bird’s-eye and granular data views.

Step 4


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Identify gaps and redundancies in your curriculum. Ensure horizontal and vertical integration.

Step 5

Drive curricular enhancements.

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Build a curriculum that supports your programmatic goals. Utilize your curriculum map for curriculum assessment.

The Exxat Advantage

Let Exxat’s expertise guide you to success!
Our products are constantly refined to meet industry standards
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When Exxat was implemented,
our spreadsheet nightmares ended.
We became more organized
and streamlined.”

Dr. Laurie Boulware, PT, DPT, CSCS
Associate Professor and Director of Clinical Education
Chapman University Doctor of Physical Therapy Program

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